The affordable cruiser-racer and a great boat to sail!

2017 National Championships

Over the weekend of August 26 and 27 the annual Shipman Association Championships were held in Howth, Co. Dublin.  Fine weather saw a fleet of 11 take part in the sailing and over 60 were in attendance for the annual dinner. 

The full race report is now available by clicking here.

Wicklow 2017 Race and Cruise

Saturday 13 May saw a blustery start to the morning with the weather forecasters predicting southerly winds between 25 and 30 knots and increasing over the day. The Shipman 28 is a boat that can handle more weather at sea than most, and so after numerous checks on the weather winds and sea state the race was on.  Read more...

Promotional video

With racing cancelled one Sunday morning Hon Secretary Neil McSherry decided to whip up a short video to showcase why the Shipman is such a great boat to sail!  The video has already been featured in Afloat Magazine an article titled "Old Shipman 28s Never Die, They Only Keep Sailing Away...& Then Back Again".

Cruising adventures

Over the years many owners of Shipmans have taken some amazing journeys around Ireland and beyond.  Take a look at some of their stories in the Cruising section of the site including Sybil's trip to Scotland, or Joe Slim's Iona Pilgrimage.