Maintenance 2020

Notes from Open Forum evening on Shipman Maintenance
DMYC - 04 March 2020 

An interesting discussion evolved around the following topics raised by those in attendance:

Fuel Systems: 

This ranged from the various types of Water Separators and their cost (€30 from agricultural equipment supplier, €150 from marine equipment supplier) and appropriateness in a marine situation

  • Online sourcing of cheap quality filters (“Agrico”[?] tractor parts filter €5, “Vapourmatic” marine filter €12; “online fuel filters” site is good value);
  • Fittings & connectors (all use ½ inch BSP adaptor from Dublin Providers);
  • Fuel lines (advisable to install a standard on/off lever valve in order to isolate the fuel tank) and use S/S 316 jubilee clips.

Mast Rake and Rig Tension: 

Of concern to most [racers and cruisers]; getting the mast straight and deciding the angle of the rake; the consequences of over tensioning; the usefulness of the baby stay and the advantages / disadvantages of using the backstay.

Hull Maintenance and Repairs: carrying out minor glass fibre repairs and the application of gel coat; masking and touching up paintwork.

o Sikaflex to fix & seal skin fittings. Fix until hand-tight initially, wait until Sika sets and then secure tight. Otherwise Sika will be squeezed out and impair seal. NB Sikaflex can be undone; Tek 7 cannot!

o Use Tek 7 to secure nuts.

Anti-fouling: The various types available, their advantages and disadvantages; use of so called ‘high-quality / high performance brands versus ‘Jotum’ & ‘Normand’[?] as used by trawler fishermen; preparation of surfaces, the use of scrapers; safety equipment such as face masks, goggles and gloves; cleaning down keels & the use of blasting grit versus walnut nut shells.

o Ground glass blast to remove old antifoul (per works to Jo Slim 2020). General preference for crushed walnut shell instead of glass, more protective of gel coat. Soda blast must b sanded before application of epoxy.

o International brand peel-away poultice.

o Jotum mastic 2pack deck paint €75 euro……why not try ‘Woodies’ Sandtex – Crown exterior masonry paint instead; 3 patch pots at €1.50 each [total cost €4.50] PS. don’t add sand as non-slip grit to paint – it has a tendency ‘clump together’.

o International Brightsides/ Toplac

o Anti-foul for propellers: use of white grease will reduce/inhibit week growth.

o Need a scraper for removing anti-foul? “Harris” - titanium blade scraper available from B & Q at €14.00 each, expensive but worth it!

Anchors: Types; length of chains & ropes; use of split shackles & ‘D’ shackles and cable ties– for quick release;

Techniques to use when retrieving an anchor.

o Use carabiner or split shackle to secure anchor. Chain should be 4- 5 times the length of the hull.

o Secure chain to rope by splicing rope onto chain, or use bowline or anchor hitch. Use cable ties to tidy up lines.

o Secure chain to anchor on front loop of anchor, and tie chain to other end of anchor with thin sacrificial cable tie. Cable tie will break under load, to aid release of anchor from sea bed.

Instruments & Fixtures: essential instruments to have on a boat; types, usefulness & costs; Bluetooth versus wiring; fixing & removal techniques.

o 316 grade stainless steel is the only grade that resists chlorides.

o For sink replacement, use commercial catering ‘bain-marie” (available in 3 sizes) and drill holes for waste outlet.

Boat wiring: fused versus circuit breaker distribution panels; bus bars; led lighting..

Repairing a Morse control unit