About the Shipman

The Shipman is a cruiser-racer, 28 feet long and with a draft of 1.55 metres. She has a mast head rig with three genoas of decreasing size and a spinnaker. Boats have an inboard diesel engine, a heads, a galley and five berths, two in the main cabin, two forward and a quarter berth. Her long keel and ability to reduce sail make her a seaworthy boat. When racing, a crew of about five is normal and when cruising two or more can sail her

The Shipman was designed by Olle Enderlein ( 1917-1993 ) who is one of the best-known yacht-designers in Sweden. He is also well-known and respected far outside Sweden.

The Shipman 28 was first built in Visby in Sweden in 1968, and shortly afterwards another production centre was set up in Cork in Ireland. Production continued in Ireland after they stopped being built in Sweden. The good-looking, well balanced and seaworthy little yacht found broad popularity and achieved sales of over 1,300.

“The dream boat does not exist and if it did, it would probably be impossible to sell. The “dream-like” thing about the Shipman 28 is only that she has a combination of good qualities for various purposes. Of course, a sailing-yacht must be beautiful. And preferably as spacious as a small summer house to make it possible to sell it on a large scale. It is mainly the appearance, the spaciousness and the accommodation that have attracted great attention at boat shows and similar exhibitions. And still the most important thing remains; how she sails under various conditions.
The combination of family-cruiser and racer is possible to achieve. I would characterise Shipman 28 as a fast family-cruiser. Fast enough to win races without exceptional skill being required.
As concerns the sailing qualities the aim has been to make her easy and sensitive on the helm e.g. to windward, at difficult passage in harbours and at the same time make her fast, safe and easy to hold on course under hard conditions. She must be easy to handle but still have much to give in a race.
“Beautiful boats sail well” they say.
It is true, as they are functional. If we look at animals and fish that move in the water, we see their functional lines as beautiful and harmonious. In the same way, it goes without saying that a sailing yacht must have long slim lines.
I am happy that Shipman 28 is said to be a beautiful boat, because she sails well too.”

For more information, visit http://www.oeyc.org/enderlein/enderlein_e.html